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June 8, 2005

The “first” Supercharger kit was sold.

It was a replica of my “prototype”, still in a pretty rough condition. Design was a small aluminum center with aluminum elbows welded to mate up with the heads.


This design manifold required a lot of welding and machining. I had a concern about air flow characteristics with the quick turn elbows and squared off corners. Another concern was the inability to install an inter-cooler on the discharge side of the supercharger, for those that wished to raise boost above 6 lbs. Everything tested out well and this configuration was used for several years.   

This is the intake plenum that was also designed for the original proto-type. Flow characteristics were pretty good with the exception of the square design that attached to the supercharger inlet.

The (First) Re-design of the manifold


The 4-Sides & Bottom plate was CNC Machined with all components welded. This allowed a less restricted air flow and left plenty of room to add a future inter-cooler in the future. The original fuel rail mounting holes are now covered, so I felt the timing was right to install larger flow fuel rails.  

The Intake Plenum design did not change at this time!  


Our Current Manifold & Plenum

We now make our “Manifold & Plenum” the same way the factory does using an aluminum casting process and then we use CNC Machining to finalize the critical areas (prior) to powder coat.

Our Current Manifold & Plenum ready for (Prep) prior to shipping.

Banshee Supercharger Kit (Complete) and ready to box & ship

With our re-design in manufacturing we have been able to upgrade the fuel rail system and not increase cost to the consumer. The (New) “Loop System” allows each fuel injectors to receive an (equal) amount of “Fuel Pressure & Volume”.  

An internal intercooler is now in the testing stage and will soon be available for those that plan to increase boost (above) the 6 lb mark.

This option will be for a “Stage-2” unit and will include all items shown, with an “inlet & outlet” at the rear.

By locating intercooler on the discharge side of the supercharger the cooling effect should produce greater effects.

Note! Additional components will be required to complete a water/air intercooler. That would include a “water/air” heat exchanger located @ radiator, Circulating Pump, Reservoir for water storage, Control System “usually a pressure switch” set for 5-lbs boost pressure, and plumbing to these components.

A water/meth injection system is available that can be an option and installed very quickly. This item is referenced “Here”