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Banshee Supercharger now has 4-websites you can access:



Wholesale Automotive Parts

Banshee Supercharger Kit

Banshee Auto Parts

Banshee Supercharger Inc

This link will take you to our "Wholesale Auto Parts"  website

This website will allow you to view our "Complete" product lines to view items you may wish to purchase. We can provide you with our best pricing by letting you search for desired products and filling out the form to request a quote. Our overhead is greatly reduced allowing us to reduce pricing to the consumer.


This link will take you to the "Banshee Supercharger Kit" website

Here you will find information on our supercharger kit that is designed specifically for the Ford 4.0 SOHC Engine. You can view the "Installation Kit", "Customer Installs", "Video's", "Tech Information", and up-dates on the product.


This link will take you to the "Banshee Auto Parts" website

Here you will be able to purchase "Auto Parts" both (replacement & performance) at a very reasonable price. This website is an on-line (retail / wholesale) outlet that will ship direct to you from (either) "our shop" or "drop ship" to you from the manufacturer. Catalogs are available for your viewing for (most) "Manufacturers". We are adding "Retail Sales" locations that (may) be in your area. 

This link will take you to "Banshee Supercharger Inc" website

Here you will be able to view Company Information from startup, product line, development of the "Banshee Supercharger Kit", and what we are currently working on.


These web-sites are being up-dated "often".

If you have any questions you can reach us Email:

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